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President of “Local Agenda 21 Trier”, a regional NGO
Director of the Institute for Labour Law and Industrial Relations in the
European Community, Trier, Germany
Full Professor of Business Economics and Public Administration,
University of Trier, Germany
Heisenberg Fellow at the Institute for Research on Educational Finance and Governance, Stanford University, California
Research Fellow (Economics and Management of Education),
University of Bonn and European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management in Brussels, Belgium
Research Assistant of Prof. Dr. Dres.h.c. Horst Albach,
University of Bonn


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  • Personnel economics and labour politics


  • Economic analysis of labour law


  • Educational economics


  • Public business administration


  • Businesses and civil society




Sadowski, Dieter (2015):

Der Bildungsökonomische Ausschuss des Vereins für Socialpolitik: Entstehung, Strömungen und Entwicklungen 1975-2015, Beitrag zur Jahrestagung des Bildungsökonomischen Ausschusses des Vereins für Socialpolitik am 12./13. März 2015 am DIW in Berlin.


Sadowski, Dieter und Peter Schneider (2015):

The Interplay of New Public Governance Dimensions and Their Effects on Academic Outcomes.,

in: Dorothea Jansen, Insa Pruisken (Hrsg.): The Changing Governance of Higher Education and Research – Multilevel Perspectives, 2015, Heidelberg: 59-86.


Sadowski, Dieter, Jörg Sydow und Peter Conrad (Hrsg.) (2014):

Arbeit - eine Neubestimmung,

Managementforschung 24.


Sadowski, Dieter und Kai Kühne (2012):

Codes of Conduct: Eine Quelle transnationalen Arbeitsrechts?,

in: Stephan Duschek et al. (Hrsg.): Organisationen regeln. Die Wirkmacht korporativer Akteure, 2012, Wiesbaden: 277-298.


Sadowski, Dieter und Peter Schneider (2011):

Sollen den Betreuern wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchses Anreize gesetzt werden?,

ZfB Special issue, 4/2011: 105-124.


Kühne, Kai und Dieter Sadowski (2011):

Scandalous Co-Determination,

in: Alexander Brink (Hrsg.): Corporate Governance and Business Ethics, Berlin u.a.: 75–87.


Sadowski, Dieter und Oliver Ludewig (2009):

Measuring Organizational Capital,

Schmalenbach Business Review, 61(4): 393–412.




  • Together with Jörg Sydow (WHU Berlin) and Jochen Koch (Viadrina, Frankfurt an der Oder), he will publish volume 24 of Managementforschung "Arbeit – neue Bestimmungen?".
  • Together with Karen Anderson (Nijmegen) and Martin Bäthge (Göttingen) he published a special issue of Journal for Labour Market Research with the titel "The Transformation of the German Model in Comparative Prospective".

  • The Vice-Chancellor from the College of the German Federal Employment Agency invited Prof. Sadowski to remain a member of the College Advisory Council for three more years. Prof. Sadowski was also a member of the founding senate.

  • He is a member of the advisory board for the master programmes in labour market and personnel, doctoral master of science and economics as well as social economics for the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg

  • He is a member of the selection commission for the Erich-Gutenberg-Working Community young talent prize.