Colloquium on Economics - Summer Semester 2017



In May, the summer semester colloquium season at the IAAEU will be beginning. The lectures will take place on Tuesdays from 6 PM to 7:30 PM in the Max Weber room (Campus II, Building H, 7th Floor).  All lectures are open to the public.






02.05.2017   Marie-Claire Villeval (GATE & CNRS - University of Lyon):*
    "Loss Aversion and Lying Behavior: Theory, Estimation and Empirical Evidence"
09.05.2017       Philipp Weinschenk (Technical University of Kaiserslautern):
    "Team Production and Time Preferences"
16.05.2017      Christian Merkl (University Erlangen-Nürnberg):**
    "How much did Hartz IV really contribute to the decline in German unemployment?"
23.05.2017   Astrid Kunze (NHH Norwegian School of Economics):*
30.05.2017   Jens Ruhose (University of Hannover):
    ”The Occupational Selection of Emigrants: Evidence from Mexico–U.S. Migration”
20.06.2017   Max Steinhardt (HSU Hamburg):
04.07.2017   Marco Caliendo (University of Potsdam):*
11.07.2017   Florian Zimmermann (University of Zurich):
    "Dynamics of Motivated Beliefs"





Adrian Chadi

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* along with the Colloquium on Business Administration at Trier University

** along with Colloquium on Economics at Trier University





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